SMOKED - San Juan Reefnet Sockeye - 4-5oz Portions

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Buy a Case!

Ingredients: sockeye salmon, salt, brown sugar, hardwood smoke. Uncommonly fatty and mild for a sockeye, these fish are caught with reefnets by the Lummi Island guys, the industry darling of all netting techniques. Ultra gentle capture and bled on board before ice slurry makes this limited product a pretty luxurious smoked salmon experience. Full disclosure - while technically ocean-harvested around the San Juan and Lummi Islands, these sockeye return to Fraser River - which in recent years has undergone contentious debate on the stock and ecosystem health of Fraser River runs. See more below to determine if this is your thang. Portions are 4-5oz, vacuum-sealed, skin-on, big bones removed.


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*Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch program should be considered like a "Wikipedia". Good place to start but shouldn't be your end all. You have to look beyond the color rating on the website for the actual assessment reports to dig in. Often the reports will be outdated (they can only cover so many fisheries per year), and are also filtered through strictly environmental interests which aren't necessarily balanced (see Seafood Guide Eval_Rohiem 2009.pdf for more on that.)

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