SMOKED - Oven-Ready Alaska Black Cod - 4oz.

Temporarily Out
Temporarily Out

Ingredients: black cod, sea salt, brown sugar, alderwood smoke. A light heat-smoke starts the cooking process on this unique product, but you must finish in the oven before eating! Imparts a lovely meaty buttery smoke as a center-plate mainstay. Makes you think you spent 13 hours fussing over a smoker on a Wednesday. Caught in Alaska, smoked in BC. Each piece is 4oz.


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Support your Fishermen -- ride the black cod train while it's hot.  Did You Know? Fishermen are paid as much as $9/lb for black cod in some years, thanks to supply and demand. There's not a whole lot of quota, and a lot of vessels carry multiple quota.  They'll carry 'primary' quota - the fish they target most of the time, but opportunistically wait for the right time to target their 'back-pocket' quota - the fish they have enough quota for to make it worthwhile but isn't their mainstay.  Once, as a federal observer, Algrano owner witnessed flatfish, rockfish, and black cod gear sets all in one 2-day fishing trip!  Respect.