SIDES - Skagit Coho Large

Temporarily Out
Temporarily Out

Harvested in accordance with the tribal rights granted to the Swinomish, this Upper Skagit tribe throws 7-minute gillnet sets from skiffs where the river meets Samish Bay, bleeds live onboard then slurry ices. Lummi Island Wild waits nearby with runner boats to accept immediate delivery to be flash frozen for superior net-to-frozen product. Product is skin-on and boneless. Each fillet weighs 1-1.5lbs.


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Intersecting issues of tribal rights, resource management, tribal knowledge, and conservation science is complex. Something positive - in May 2018 the Supreme Court upheld the decision to make billions in improvements to Skagit salmon habitat, that has been thought to contribute to declines in the run over the past several years. 

The best thing we can do to support? Buy the quota'd fish they're able to catch!