LOINS - PNW Day Boat Albacore Tuna - 12-16oz loin

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Temporarily Out

Caught in Oregon and Washington waters by Tre-Fin - three captains of the F/V Oppor-tuna-ty (actual name) painstakingly bring you pole-and-line caught, then bled and slurry iced literally one minute of landing on board. Landed to Ilwaco within 24 hrs then HAND-FILLETED into the freezer. This is their life every day. Virtually zero bycatch, small albacore, purposefully chosen in order to minimize mercury accumulation. Worried about the potential impact on the stock health of cherry-picking small fish? Don't be...albacore grow fast and make babies young - they can handle it. Each loin is 12-16oz. Feeds 2-4 people.


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What is Day Boat Tuna?

“Tre-Fin albacore is the absolute best quality local tuna there is. These guys handle the fish with care, and get the fish to the marketplace faster than anyone else out there. You will NOT be disappointed.”  — Lyf Gildersleeve, Founder, Flying Fish Company Portland