CANNED Smoked Togiak Herring - 7oz can

Temporarily Out
Temporarily Out

Sometimes fisheries are lacking in fish. This healthy bountiful fishery is lacking in demand. Deckhand's Daughter Smoked Herring is essentially a really decent Alaska fleet manager, Warner Lew, who is singlehandedly providing life support for the three remaining herring fishermen in Togiak, AK. Trying to salvage a viable living in this kind of fishery is kind of like when you know you've lost at Monopoly but it takes a while to actually go bankrupt. The solution? EAT IT! Herring is ... strong. There's no beating around it. But small pelagics are where it's at for big omegas and small bioaccumulation. Renee Erickson whips this smoked herring product with butter until smooth and serves with crostinis at her restaurant Walrus & the Carpenter (see Warner pictured below). Try also mixing into a cream cheese with scallions for a smoky fishy cracker spread. Place chunks from the can into an ungreased hot cast iron to crisp up the outsides and round out that hot grease flavor. Eat mixed with cous cous or quinoa and salad, cut with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil. For the brave of heart, and as your fishy tolerance grows, eat it right out of the can with crusty sourdough.


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