Alaska Kombu Blanched Seaweed - 1lb packs

Temporarily Out
Temporarily Out

Kombu, or Sugar Kelp, is slightly sweet and full of umami. Tired of dried, hella-salty kelp being our only sea veggie options, these innovative farmers in Kodiak Alaska blanch and freeze at the source into vibrant green little blocks - think frozen spinach. The blanching, freezing, and thawing process actually works to retain texture, as kelp naturally freeze and thaw multiple times in icy ocean water cycles. Product contains no additives or enhancers, and comes in 1lb plastic bricks. Merely flirting with the idea of incorporating more seaweed into your diet? No worries - product keeps up to 3 years in the freezer.


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Meet Your Suppliers! Only a few years old, Blue Evolution has come out big to provide a domestic source of sustainable seaweed. As a regenerative seaweed crop, this product is perfectly poised to be economically, socially, and environmentally restorative. Blue Evolution partners with local, family-owned farms in Alaska which provides sustainable income for future generations in remote and struggling coastal fishing populations. High five.