Acari Chiapas Mexico Wild Catfish - 2-3oz Fillets

Temporarily Out
Temporarily Out

Product is wild-caught and processed in Mexico by Acari Fish, skinless, boneless, chemical-free, and frozen once into ~1 lb bags (~8 fillets per bag). Fillets are roughly the size and shape of chicken fingers and perfect for breading! A voracious predator, the invasive "devil fish" has devastated local fish stocks in rural Tabasco, Mexico where local fishermen have been discarding what they call "devil fish" as bycatch in high numbers. An MBA student from Berkeley sought to change all that, and began working with and in the community to build a market for the catfish and a source of valuable employment for fishermen. DUE DILIGENCE ALERT: Concerned about what this bottom feeder is vacuuming off the seafloor in an underdeveloped rural coastal area? No worries - Acari has their catfish and the fishery site lab-tested for heavy metals and PCBs. Clean fish here!


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